usposabljanja, spopolnjevanja in coaching za večjo učinkovitost
What’s here for You

What’s here for You

Let’s unite our resources and trigger some synergy!


Hello and welcome!


On this website you can learn more about Miran Morano and his interactive trainings.

His guidance can help you:

  • become (and stay) respected and effective person as:
    • a leader
    • a team member
    • a presenter
    • a trainer.
  • become (and stay):
    • a satisfied partner of a satisfied customer (win-win customer care)
    • a master of your Clock
    • a master of Yourself.


A brief summary About Miran

  • Current occupation: trainer and owner of Tangens, Ltd.
  • Formal education: degree in adult education and sociology.
  • Fields of expertise: over 20 years of developing and maintaining vital communication skills.
  • Author of several e-manuals.
  • He lives in Slovenia, but he is willing to travel wherever you want him to and can provide trainings in English, Slovenian, Croatian and Serbian languages.


 Miran’s specialties:

  • highly dynamic and interactive trainings
  • follow-up workshop for every program
  • attractive slides for visual support (they are also an example how to avoid PowerPoint Hell)
  • video feedback of trainee performance.


He worked for:

  • FAO (Capacity Building for Support to Private Forest Owners and Public Participation)
  • PHARE  project Train the Trainers for Structural Funds
  • PHARE  project Train the Trainers for EU
  • CEP project Train the Trainers for EU in Bosnia and Hercegovina
  • Zepter International (Leadership Academy) in Croatia
  • Mercator – Rodić (Teamwork) in Serbia
  • Parnad Hrvatska (Leadership and Selling Skills)
  • Oracle Hrvatska (Team Building)
  • GISDATA Hrvatska (Communication Skills)
  • Eurodom Bulgaria (Selling Skills, Train the Trainer)
  • CEP and Slovenia’s Development Cooperation: Support to Albanian LGU on Preparation of the EU and Other International Projects (Train the Trainer).

So, if you are interested in developing vital interpersonal skills and “Sharpening the Saw” skills, send us an email and we’ll be happy to discuss your needs.