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Keynote Remote
Keynote Remote

Keynote Remote

Writen in 2009

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Establishing connection between Computer and iPhone is very simple. In Keynote settings on your computer select Remote and tick “Enable …” On the iPhone run Keynote Remote (KR) and the devices are connected.


KR has very modest settings. Practically it allows only Portrait or Landscape position of Presenter Display and the inclusion of the Presenter Notes.


You can’t customize the Presenter Display. No matter how the Presenter Display on your Mac looks like, on iPhone, you can get only this:

Instead of “Ready to Advance indicator“, you can see a small rotating circle in the upper right corner when Keynote is busy with displaying animations on the main screen.
You can advance your presentation by sliding with your fingers on the iPhone, but it requires considerable precision. In portrait layout you can be less accurate.


During the presentation you can retrieve the Options menu, which allows you to:

  • Jump to the First slide,
  • End show
  • Get Settings menu where you can change the layout of the Presenter Display.



This is the Presenter Display in a portrait position. Notes are shown when they are available (attached to the slide).
Cool feature: you can move the slide a little to the left – hold it – and see which slide (or build) comes next. If you carefully return the slide to the previous position nobody will noticed. But you have to be careful – don’t do that when you are nervous.




  • Praise: connecting computer and iPhone is easy; in Portrait mode we can see the image of current slide and if we are careful, we can check which slide (build) comes next.
  • I wish: more possibilities to control the presentation (the most important for me is “Blank Screen” key, obviouslly Apple thinks we don’t need it, because Apple Remote lacks that feature, too) ; you have to manually switch Portrait and Landscape view of the Presenter Display.