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Keynote Remote vs. Stage Hand eng
Keynote Remote vs. Stage Hand eng

Keynote Remote vs. Stage Hand eng

Writen in 2009

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Let’s say you’ve decided to use iPhone as a remote controler for your Keynote. Two most popular apps for iPhone are Keynote Remote and Stage Hand. (For PowerPoint try i-Clikr Lite).

I have Stage Hand (ver. 1.5.9.) and Keynote Remote (ver 1.1.).

Both programs allow you to use Presenter Display on iPhone.

What is distinct?

  • The appearance of Presenter Display and options for changing Portrait and Landscape position.
  • Possibilities to control the presentation.
  • Stage Hand (ver 1.5.9.) works only with Keynote’09, Keynote Remote works with Keynote’08 as well.
  • Price: Keynote Remote costs € 0.79, Stage Hand € 5.99.

This is a comparison of Features that are important to me :



Keynote Remote (KR) # remote

My review:

  • Praise: connecting computer and iPhone is easy, in Portrait mode we can see the image of current slide and if we are careful, we can check which slide (build) comes next.
  • I wish: more possibilities to control the presentation (the most important for me is “Blank Screen” key, obviouslly Apple thinks we don’t need it, because Apple Remote lacks that feature, too) ; you have to manually switch Portrait and Landscape view of the Presenter Display.

Stage Hand (SH) (ver. 1.5.9.):
My review:


  • Praise: “Blank Screen” key, Skip to slide menu; arrows for changing slides in Portrait mode, automatic switch between Portrait and Landscape Presenter Display; the same look of the Presenter Display on both devices, highlighter, vibro alarm.
  • Suggestions: I wish I could see slide preview in Portrait mode, and I wish Info key wouldn’t immediately cancel the slide show (sometimes you can hit the Info key by accident).